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Anti Ageing – Product Box

People dealing with problems like freckles, age spots, scars, moles, and acne, or people wanting to have fair skin can opt for skin whitening treatment. Skin whitening is a skin-bleaching process that helps enhance the complexion through Glutathione (a chemical substance). Through this treatment, one can easily lighten their skin’s dark color, and even skin color will be provided.

Skin whitening treatment is a dermatological process of enhancing one’s skin complexion. The process has recently gained popularity, where the molecule Glutathione is used. The chemical substance can help inhibit the enzyme that causes melanin production in the body. Furthermore, Glutathione also detoxifies the liver and encourages immunity in one’s body as it is an antioxidant in human cells.

The sign of ageing is also reversed as it helps convert the melanin to a light color and produces melanin pigment by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase. The treatment helps make your skin fairer, brighter, and glow by improving the skin texture.

The box contains a Problem-related medicine pack or cream or an ointment.


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